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Welcome To The Wisdom Of Golden Qi

Welcome to the Wisdom of Golden Qi. Our name comes from Golden, meaning prosperous, flourishing, and Qi (chee) which in Chinese means vital energy, air, or breath.  Golden Qi is Tai Chi for people who cannot stand to exercise.  “Tai chi does not mean oriental wisdom or something exotic. It is the wisdom of your own senses, your own mind and body together as one process.” ~ Grandmaster Huang.  With Golden Qi, we unite the senses, mind, and body in a fun and energizing exercise.


Golden Qi is a form of exercise for people who cannot exercise while standing.  It is beneficial to people in wheelchairs,those with balance issues, or those in physical rehabilitation.  Golden Qi is based on several Tai Chi forms.  In the tradition of Tai Chi development, Golden Qi was first developed in 2006 by Tai Chi practitioners for the use of family members who were unable to walk without assistance.  Since then, Golden Qi has incorporated forms from several Tai Chi disciplines and is used in Senior Centers and Assisted Living Facilities.


Golden Qi is all about providing a fun, non-competitive, and energizing form of exercise to practitioners who cannot stand while exercising.  It is based on Tai Chi, described in an article published by the Mayo Clinic, “If you’re looking for a way to reduce stress, consider Tai Chi (TIE-CHEE). Originally developed for self-defense, tai chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that’s now used for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. Often described as meditation in motion, tai chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements.”  Golden Qi preserves these gentle flowing movements and makes them available to people who have difficulty standing.


The health benefits of Tai Chi, and therefore,  Golden Qi, are becoming more widely understood.  Here is an extract from the National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health discussing the benefits of Tai Chi, “Research findings suggest that practicing tai chi may improve balance and stability in older people and those with Parkinson’s, reduce pain from knee osteoarthritis, help people cope with fibromyalgia and back pain, and promote quality of life and mood in people with heart failure and cancer.

About us

The simple beginnings of what was to evolve into the Golden Qi program started in 2006.  It recognized a need to provide beneficial exercises for people who cannot exercise while standing such as people in wheelchairs, with balance issues, in physical rehabilitation, or people who simply have not exercised in a long time

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Golden Qi Programs

There are three Golden Qi instructor seminars taught at TAMA. The Golden Qi Instructor Seminars are 6 – 8 hours each. There is a seminar for the Golden Qi Butterfly Fan Instructor, Golden Qi Short Form Instructor, and Golden Qi Exercises for Fun and Health Instructor. Completing any one of the seminars will give you the skills to

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Golden Qi program is to enrich and improve the quality of life of participants who cannot exercise while standing, with a focus on the senior community. We will provide activity directors, physical therapists, and other Golden Qi instructors with the training and materials they need to implement Golden Qi in a variety of facilities and venues

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Golden Qi Instructors

Our GoldenQi instructors are committed to excellence in the high standard of martial arts exercise training and its GoldenQi program. Our GoldenQi program is created through our visionary experience to help others who can not exercise from standing up. Both Bill and Sue McCabe has been instrumental in creating this curriculum and sees the opportunity for those who can not exercise standing up

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Welcome to

What is Qi Gong?

In Chinese, Qi means vital energy.  It can also be used to mean air or breath.  In eastern medicine it is held that Qi is the life force that flows along paths in the body called meridians, and animates us.  Disruption of the Qi is a cause of illness.

Gong means cultivating or practicing.  So taken together Qi Gong means cultivating life energy.  One Tai Chi Grandmaster explains Qi Gong as energy exercise.

Qi Gong exists in all forms of Tai Chi/Golden Qi, but not all forms are Qi Gong.  In Golden Qi, we provide over fifty Qi Gong exercises to cultivate our internal energy.  These are collected in the Golden Qi Exercises for Fun and Health.

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Golden Qi is the most popular activity in our community.

Andrea Litteral

Activity Director , LanePark of Huber Heights Senior Living Community

Golden Qi appears to be a very positive experience for the members of the Huber Heights Senior Center. It is a unique class that more and more members are joining and continuing to stay with it. Members seem to enjoy the movements, props, and comradery of this class.

Pat Larson

Program Coordinator , Huber Heights Senior Center

Good for people who can’t stand.  They can still exercise.  Good for joint flexibility and relieving carpal tunnel.  Teaches you how to breathe correctly.  Fan improves coordination.  The social aspect is good.

Mildred Baskin

Golden Qi Participant

Excellent.  Good for your brain.  I do at home too. I love it.

Milvi Wilson

Golden Qi Participant

Easy way to relax and exercise.  Great upper body workout.  Improves strength in arms and hands.

Ray and Betty Gaier

Golden Qi Participants

Likes being with people.  Keeps you busy.  Makes me feel good.  Like doing the fan because it is fun and different.

Rachel Derr

Golden Qi Participant

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