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Golden Qi Programs

There are three Golden Qi instructor seminars taught at TAMA, in addition to our weekly Golden Qi class. The Golden Qi Instructor Seminars are 6 – 8 hours each. We have a separate certification for each of the programs: the Golden Qi Butterfly Fan Instructor, Golden Qi Short Form Instructor, and Golden Qi Exercises for Fun and Health Instructor. Completing any one of the seminars will give you the skills to start a Golden Qi program at your facility. Together, the three workshops teach the entire Golden Qi program, and we suggest that you complete all three seminars.

During the seminar, your TAMA Golden Qi instructors will cover the Golden Qi philosophy, safety and health issues for your students. Safety consideration is necessary to an instructor. We will include the environment where you should teach a Golden Qi class, and practical teaching techniques. Each seminar covers the definition, health benefits, and practice of natural breathing as it applies to Golden Qi. You will also learn how to end your Golden Qi classes with the traditional bow out. Using this seminar structure makes it possible for you to attend any workshop, in any order that best suits your interests.

After the basics, each seminar gets specific:

• The Butterfly Fan seminar covers the Golden Qi form based on the Tai Chi Butterfly Fan as taught at TAMA Martial Arts Center
• The Short Form seminar covers 22 movements based on the Yang style of Tai Chi as taught at TAMA.
• The Exercises for Fun and Health seminar concentrates on the movement of specific joints such as in the hands and fingers, strength building, and energy development based on several different Tai Chi exercises and warmups.

During each seminar, you will receive an Instructor’s Handbook that is seminar specific. This is yours to take notes in and to keep. At the end of the seminar, you will receive a seminar specific DVD that is very helpful to you as you review the specifics of the seminar at a later time. You will receive a Golden Qi fan if you attend the Butterfly Fan seminar. Each seminar includes a TAMA GoldenQi Certificate of Completion.

Golden Qi Certification

What does it take to become a Certified Golden Qi Instructor?

Teacher’s Certification Golden Qi Education Program:

Once you complete the teacher’s GoldenQi certification education program, you will become a fully certified in the Golden Qi Program in all three curriculums offered provided by the Golden Qi program.

GoldenQi program sets its own quality standard requirements in conjunction with traditional Tai Chi, and Qigong taught at TAMA Martial Arts Center. Below are the components of the teacher certification program

  1. Total commitment to All GoldenQi workshops
  2. Methodology of Teaching
  3. Understanding Student Curriculum
  4. Continuous GoldenQi studies with handbooks and DVD
  5. Following the structured Golden Qi Program
  6. Instruction on increasing retention
  7. Create a “Buzz” with your Fan techniques
  8. Certification recognized by world renown martial arts center


Golden Qi is the most popular activity in our community.

Andrea Litteral

Activity Director , LanePark of Huber Heights Senior Living Community

Golden Qi appears to be a very positive experience for the members of the Huber Heights Senior Center. It is a unique class that more and more members are joining and continuing to stay with it. Members seem to enjoy the movements, props, and comradery of this class.

Pat Larson

Program Coordinator , Huber Heights Senior Center

Good for people who can’t stand.  They can still exercise.  Good for joint flexibility and relieving carpal tunnel.  Teaches you how to breathe correctly.  Fan improves coordination.  The social aspect is good.

Mildred Baskin

Golden Qi Participant

Excellent.  Good for your brain.  I do at home too. I love it.

Milvi Wilson

Golden Qi Participant

Easy way to relax and exercise.  Great upper body workout.  Improves strength in arms and hands.

Ray and Betty Gaier

Golden Qi Participants

Likes being with people.  Keeps you busy.  Makes me feel good.  Like doing the fan because it is fun and different.

Rachel Derr

Golden Qi Participant

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